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Man steals $33 million from Australian casino in Oceans 11-like heist

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Man steals $33 million from Australian casino in Oceans 11-like heist

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Casino Heist: Artwork - Silent & Sneaky - 60/40 split

Looking for someone to help me with the Diamond Casino Heist. Haven't done 'Silent & Sneaky' before and I'm not really good with stealth, so willing to give a 40% cut (potentially $714,400) to anyone who can help me either today or tomorrow.
All optional set-ups will be completed. I have a mic and would need you to have one as well. I go by Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) if that matters.
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Casino Heist

On the weekend, I need some people that can help me complete my first casino heist. I have level 2 security pass and every prep except for duggan, intel, and drills. Big Con. NEED to be able to fingerprint hack for the vault. Preferably australian, just timezones.
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You help me i help you

I can help out with money if you do the same with casino heist glitch ive got casino paintings big con I have mic Username: Antiman1963 Australian time zone (Upvote so others can see please)
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Nightly Casino Heist group looking for two more active players

Looking for two active players to join us running casino Heists
Looking for two active XBOX players of any skill level intrested in doing nightly casino heists, and if needed help with business sales etc, If you don’t have an arcade we can get you one overnight.
We are not a crew just a couple of guys/gals who play together regularly. Nightly from 5pm Australian EST (GMT +10) through until we’re done for the evening
You don’t have to be Australian just active for a few hours from the time above
Must have a mic and not be a dick, preferably 18+ doesn’t matter what experience you have we can help get you sorted.
Not looking to do any doomsday stuff or glitching
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F1 Cars will not be released until March.

A lot of talk about the pending arrival of the F1"open wheel" cars coming to GTA online. Let's just say its incredibly unlikely that rockstar will release these cars before the end of the month due to the valentine's day content and events. With diamonds now available as loot in casino heist as well as various other activities players have been given their fix of new content. Inside sources (not confirmed) would suggest that the new F1 style cars won't be released until around the middle of March when the Australian Grand Prix, the first race on the 2020 calendar.
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Level 147, 1.03KD, looking for reliable, competent players to assist with heists. Also available to assist others.

Casino Heists.

PC ID: ChristopherJack
I'm a decent player who prefers to play it safe & use armour & snacks when I get the chance. I'm also solid with the fingerprint hack so I'm a relatively fast looter.
Not expecting pros, just someone who knows what to do & avoids death (we all fuck up so no pressure)
I'm Australian so Ideally prefer others from Aus/NZ, SE Asia, though that's a rather small player base. Lag with Americans aren't too bad either if their connection is solid. Europeans can be difficult but I'm willing to try, both sides just need to be patient.
So please add me if you want a hand for hand casino heists or if you want to lend one.
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Just looking for someone to play with, and do the casino heist

As the title suggests, just lookin' for someone to mess around with, the casino heist comes second, on Xbox, gamertag is Inexplicable123, and I'm on from about 7pm to 9 Australian time
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Idk GTAV looking for friends

Looking for people to do the casino heist- stealth psn - MATE-HELL_NO Australian M22 Nic important.
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PC - Need help with Casino heist

Anyone who wants to help please add me on social club:
SC: ilikebigtitties
I play in Australian timezone.
We can do other stuff too - I just need a few people to help with the casino heist setup / heist first.
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GTAV/O Real World Paint Reference, Update 3

GTAV/O Real World Paint Reference
Sorry it has taken me so long with this post, again. Between Christmas, New Years, moving, personal business, and a busy work schedule. Making time for research was almost non-exsistant. Coupled with trying new sources and methods, progress slowed down, but kept it steady. For what it's worth though, I've completed 95% of the Diamond Casino Heist vehicles, 87% of the Offroad class ,and currently working ont he Sedan class at 34% completed. The Blazer, Hot Rod Blazer, Street Blazer, and Hellion are proving to be my problem children with the Zhaba currently in the works. My computer does not like the Sherp website for some reason.
If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or requests. Post them in the comments below and I'll answer them as soon as I can. Your feedback will help out making this guide easier and better to use.
Thank you for reading and enjoy the guide!
P.S. I need help with finding reliable sources for European and Australian vehicles. Especially with the years 00's and older. Also, I need help finding a source for the Blazer's (2012 Yamaha YFZ450) with the Commercial, Planes and Helicopter classes.
P.S.S. I was thinking of adding in a Gallery section to the Reference to display various vehicles with various colors.
P.S.S.S. I'm also currently building a "Modded" colors version of the Reference. More details soon.
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DLC guide thing.

I see pretty much people ask ''What DLC should I buy?'' every single day. So instead of linking to a 7 months old DLC guide, I instead decided to write a really long guide on what DLC gives what and which ones I personally recommend.
This may be archived but I will still update this.
Armoured Transport The Armoured Transport DLC gives 6 heists for you to host, these heist are some of the hardest heist in the game as you are forced to repeair drills, in the middle of the street with snipers having you pinned almost 100% of the time. This pack also includes 3 new guns.
Is this DLC pack worth buying? Not really if you ask me.
Gage Weapon Pack #01 As the name suggests, it is a weapons only DLC. However it does include a new asset for you to use: Hand grenades which was the only form of nades until update 100 added some for free. You can buy these onto most maps and it will put a small briefcase where you can pick up hand grenades for you and your team. This pack includes 3 new guns just like the Transport DLC.
Is this DLC worth buying? Not really, ever since they added community hand grenades this packs value has dropped significantly while the weapons are cool to have the main selling point gone is what makes this pack less valuable.
Gage Weapon Pack #02 What's this? A weapon pack with more guns? Are they good? Not anymore sadly. Ever since Crimefest 2015 we got a LMG that can do pretty much everything Gage Weapon Pack 2 offered, a new weapon class with high ammo, okay damage and low accuracy. However while the LMG as a weapon class alone is no longer locked the Gage Weapon Pack 2 does offer diffrent ways to play with LMGs. Oh, this pack did also introduce an entire new concept for future DLC being new melee weapons. This may not be much now but back then it was a huge deal since we only got like 3 melees to pick from.
Is this DLC worth buying? Not really, due to you get a similar LMG to the RPK for free.
Gage Sniper Pack As the name suggests, this weapon pack offers only snipers but recently we received a free sniper which is almost better than every other sniper in the game, however this pack does include a weapon mod for all sniper and vantage points. Vantage points are mostly a place far from your teammates where you can snipe.
Is this DLC worth buying? Not any more, same problem like with Weapon pack 2, the free version of the weapon class pretty much does everything this DLC has to offer, therefore it's not worth it like it was before Crimefest 2015.
Gage Shotgun Pack The name says it all, this weapon pack gives and is only for shotguns. It offers a new idea of custom ammo types for shotguns which changes how your shotgun pellets works. It does also include new shotguns, otherwise it would be dumb to include this new mechanic.
Is this DLC worth buying? I would say no on this one. In the past it had some really good strong points but now it has really fallen since the housewarming nerf.
Gage Mod Courier Just buy this DLC now, no matter who you ask or what play style you run or even what guns you use. This DLC is a must buy for anyone who plays this game, it only includes weapon mods but these mods can be applied to almost every weapon in the game, therefore making it one of the best DLCs out there and will forever stay that way.
Gage Anal Assault Pack Assault Indeed, 3/4 out of this pack is assult rifles but it does include a grenade launcher (personal favourite primary). But is this pack worth buying with that in mind alone?
Is this pack worth buying? Maybe, this heavily depends on your playstyle. If you really like assault rifles then maybe otherwise this pack only offers the GL40 while being a really good weapon, it alone can maybe make this worth your while.
Gage Historical Pack For once, a Gage pack that does not focus on anything specific as the pack mostly offers weapons from World War 2.
Is this pack worth it? Yes, it does offer 2 of the better weapons amongst their weapon class being the LMG and the sniper and the rest of the pack used to be better...
Gage Ninja Pack

During the Housewarming Party the Pistol Crossbow is broken, if this will be changed or not we don't know but this is during the Housewarming patch.

Is this pack sugoi~~? Kinda. This pack did introduce a new mechanic, being a venom effect. When you hit a target with a weapon doused in poison they will stop and puke all over the ground, leaving them vulnerable to attacks this does not work on dozers however.
Is this pack worth it? Yes, it does offer some good guns and a new mechanic making an okay pack.
Gage Chivalry Pack

During the Housewarming Party, the Heavy Crossbow is pretty much the best weapon in the game. If it will be changed or not we will just have to see. But during the Housewarming party it is broken.

Worst Gage pack, only offers bows of diffrent kind and a pile of useless melees. It does however come with a new throw able being the javelin which works similarly like the shurikens but with more damage and no poison effect.
Is this DLC worth it? No. It offers bad weapons and even worse melee weapons but it does offer a good throw able that has the ability to kill most specials but does this make the pack worth it? Still a no.
The Overkill Pack This weapon DLC only offers 2 weapons, a mask and a van skin. That's it.
Is this DLC worth buying? Yes? Ever since Captain Winters has been added, being apple to just kill him instantly felt good therefore having the RPG could be worth getting. But Im saying maybe here, not yes.
The Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack This DLC only includes weapon mods for AK/CAR family of weapons, that's it. If you really like these guns then maybe you should buy this, otherwise it's a waste of money so no. Don't buy it.
The Butcher's BBQ Pack No matter who you ask in this community, they all will recommend the BBQ pack as it offers Molotvs. Molotovs being one of not the best throw able in the game. This pack does also include a couple of weapons and a new shotgun round.
This is one of those MUST BUY DLCs so just buy it, no need to question it really.
The Butcher's Western Pack The last thing we get from the Butcher is kinda meh. It gives us 3 new weapons and a new throw able. Other than it's not much to it and the weapons are not much to cheer hurray for.
Is this DLC worth buying? Not really. It offers very little into the current meta as we have a better bow, better sniper and better pistols already so no, this is not worth your money.
The Big Bank One of the better DLC maps in the game as it was the first heist to allow pre-planning making it at the time revolutionary. The heist itself ir really big and offers multiple way to breach the vault and escape as well the ability to place different kinds of assets. It did also come with The Dentist which is one of the best contractors in the game as he offers the larger and better heists. This DLC did also come with a new gun.
  • Falcon Assault rifle. It's basicly a Gecko but with a little different in stats.
Is this DLC worth it? Yes, it does offer one of the better heists in the game and being able to host it alone makes it good. The Falcon is also a pretty good gun making it a nice addition
Hotline Miami This is my favorite heist in the game, period. It comes from the Dentist just like Big Bank and offers pre-planning as before. This heist as the name suggests is inspired by Hotline Miami and includes masks and guns inspired by that game.
  • Cobra SMG. High fire rate, okay damage and ammo and low accuracy and stability but good concealment.
  • Blaster 9mm SMG. Kinda like the cobra but with higher stability and less concealment.
  • Uzi SMG. Lowest fire rate of the bunch but highest damage, accuracy and less stability and ammo.
Is this DLC worth it? Yes, this is by far one the best map DLCs in the game and just like Gage Courier it is really good.
The DIamond Another heist from our beloved Dentist and this time we're stealing from a museum with alot of loot. And unlike the every other DLC heist so far, this one does NOT come with a gun. Instead Overkill decided to make a new format by giving a couple of DLC heists and sell a character pack separately having the gun, a new character and a new perk deck separately.
Is this DLC worth it? Not really. It only offers a single one day heist that is fairly short but fun. While I think The Diamond loud is a fun heist the DLC alone is not worth it.
The Bomb Heists This time we get 2 heists for the price of one! But are they worth the price? These heists in question being The Bomb: Forest and The Bomb: Dockyard. Bomb Forest is a really punishing and difficult heist as you have very little cover and got sniper pinned at you at all times just like the Transport heists. Dockyard however, is a stealth able heist while it can be difficult it is doable and satisfying to complete is stealth. It is also quite fun doing loud.
  • Leo Pistol. This is arguably one of the best pistols in the game having high damage and high fire rate almost reaching damage breakpoints without gunslinger aced.
Is this DLC worth it? Maybe. If you are into pistols like me then maybe, otherwise you get one of the hardest heists in the game and on fun stealth heist that can be done loud.
Alesso Heist Do you know who Alesso is? I know I didn't until this DLC came out. It's a DLC heist themed around a concert with DJ Alesso running a concert. This heist is rather annoying as you have to go from the start to the end of the heist at least twice. This heist is also a pain in stealth but it can be done.
  • Mataver .357 Pistol. It's literally a Bronco.
Is this DLC worth it? No. It only offers a single heist, nothing special of a heist and a pile of useless melee weapons. While the heist can be fun at times, you will likely run into people who won't do the objective and then you're mad.
The Golden Grin Casino One of the hyped heists by Overkill during the Dentist trailer. But is the heist worth the hype? The heist itself can be done both loud and stealth but the stealth as an absolute pain and loud is defend drill, get loot, get out. It does however come with one of the best melee weapons in the game being the Buzzer. This melee is a tazer, yes you can now taze tazers and other special (except dozers). As of the release of the Hardcore Henry heists we got the Electric Brass Knuckles which basically serves the same purpose as the tazer and front and foremost is free making this DLC not as much worth as it used to be. However this is the last contract we will get from the Dentist which is quite the shame considering that he had some of the best heists in the game. We will miss you.
  • Cavity 9mm. It's sort of like the M308 but with more ammo and concealment but with less damage.
Is this DLC worth it? In my opinion it is. The DLC does contain an okay gun, one of the best melee weapons and a fun heist doing loud. While the Buzzer may not be the best part of this DLC (unless you count the heist itself) making the value of this pack not as good as it used to.
The Point Break Heists Our most recent DLC heist bundle comes with 2 heists inspired by the new Point Break movie, I have not seen the movie but apparently it was okay. Anyway, the heists themselves are ''extreme'' as you steal more stuff from Murky water, either it being cash from thier cargo planes or from one of thier ''top secret'' facilities.
  • Baby Deagle Pistol. This used be a mix between a Deagle and a Bernetti which made it one of the best pistols in the game but since update 100 they nerfed it's fire rate quite substantially making it not bad but just not as good as it used to be.
Is this DLC worth it? In my opinion yes. It does offer a gun and 2 heists at a lower price than past considering the character we get this time around was free unlike past DLC when we had to pay for them separately.
Goat Simulator Heist can be found here.
Wolf Pack can be found here.
Biker Heist can be found here.
Clover Charater Pack Our first pay DLC charater is Clover, also being the first female heister we have gotten she does come with a unique perk deck that you have to pay for and a new gun.
  • Burglar Perk Deck. Do you like stealth? If the answers is yes then this is the perk deck for you.
  • Queens Wrath Assault rifle. A fairly balanced rifle, nothing special to see here.
Is this DLC worth buying? If you like stealth then yes, it's a must buy if that's the case. Due to Burglar being the only true stealth perk deck. Otherwise this doesn't offer much except a pair of tits.
Dragan Charater Pack This character came with the Bomb heists and he gives one of the best perk decks for armor and he also comes with an assult rifle.
  • Infiltrator Perk Deck. It gives damage reduction at medium range of enemies and it can instantly give you 20% of your health with a single hit with your melee.
  • Lions Roar Assult rifle. It's kinda like a Clarion but with less fire rate but more damage.
Is it this DLC worth buying? if you run armour then yes. This is pretty much the only contester to Muscle when it comes to armor builds at this point, and if you're getting tired of Muscle this is kinda your only choice.
Sokol Charater Pack
  • Grinder Perk Deck. Ever since update 100 this perk deck has really suffered from being one of the best perk decks in the game to being I wouldn't say worst but really bad. The perk deck gives you health whenever you deal damage if you wear a suit or light ballistic vest. The healing that this perk deck gave used to be quite a bit but now it's very low compared to ex-president.
  • Valkyria Assault rifle. This is an amazing rifle if you ask me, it comes based silenced and it has a base 26 concealment and can be modded for more. It has good stability and accuracy and decent damage so it's a nice addition to the pack as grinder is the main selling point.
Is this DLC worth buying? Not anymore, every since they nerfed Grinder to the ground this pack doesn't really offer that much anymore except a Russian character and the Valkyria which is something.
Yakuza Charater Pack
This time with Gage Weeaboo pack we get Jiro. Jiro's lines are almost all in japanese except a couple of pager lines so you can't understand a single joke he makes. He does however come with the best melee for raw damage as the katana has high damage and fast attacks.
  • Yakuza Perk Deck. This perk deck does give alot of passive bonuses, If you have 50% health left.
  • Micro Uzi SMG. It's an Uzi but with less accuracy but more concealment.
  • Katana melee. One of the few melee weapons actually worth pointing out, its damage is unmatched when you compare its attack speed to almost every melee weapon in the game making it the best melee for raw damage.
Is this DLC worth buying? Maybe. If you want raw melee damage than this is the best DLC for you to buy. Otherwise it offers a character who you most likely can't understand, an okay SMG and a terrible perk deck.
Sydney Character Pack
Do you want an Australian that doesn't sound like an Australian? (source: RandomKennyRevived) Well you're in luck because Payday got you covered! And she also comes with a strange assault rifle paired with a nice looking melee and an alright perk deck.
  • Anarchist Perk Deck. Basically Grinder for armour but it also works heavy armour types. The problem with this perk deck is that the way you regenerate your armour is in chunks rather than everything at once and the heavier the armour the slower you regenerate it back. Because of this you should use a lighter armour class such as the Ballistic Vest or Light Ballistic Vest.
  • Bootleg Assault Rifle. It's a bootleg LMG that's what it is, at least it got a drum mag.
  • Winged Butterfly Knife. Only reason I'm mentioning this is because it's charge attack animation is nice.
Is this DLC worth buying? Most likely not. The perk deck and weapons are a kinda lacklustre even if you paired them with the right builds as most other set ups out preform them. As for Sydney herself, she's an Australian that doesn't sound like one. At least they got Jiro right.
Biker Character Pack can be found here.
And that is my DLC guide so people can hopefully stop asking. Of course, most of this is just my opinion of all the DLC so you don't have to take my word for it.
Edit: Thanks to Heroic_Sheperd for pointing that that I forgot about that Gage Weapon Pack 2 introduced new melee weapons as well that I forgot to mention why dynamite is better than hand grenades. Also a thanks to Batby for pointing out that I forgot to mention the katana itself.
Edit #02 Pack: Decided to spell check everything.
Edit Assault Pack: As mentioned by foxisloose I forgot to mention the about the Javelins in the Chivalry pack.
Edit Chivalry Pack: Actually wrote down what Sokol character pack includes and my opinion on it.
The Hardcore Edit Heists: Wrote down the that the Hardcore Henry heists changed the value of Golden Grin and Point Break.
Update 100.edit: Changed the value on Gage Weapon Pack #1, Sokol Character Pack and Point Break Heists.
The Biker Edits: Added The Biker Packs and Sydney Character Pack.
Hoxton's Housewarming Edit: Added temporary notes about the Housewarming party.
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Original /WritingPrompts post here.
Prompt: "Welcome to GDQ, this is my speedrun of Life; No Glitch and Til Death."
Jake was fast, lemme tell you. Once, I watched Jake offer to buy a kid lunch just to get cuts in the cafeteria for a week. That was one month before he graduated the fourth grade. By December, Jake was acing seventh grade history exams. He finished high school before the next Thanksgiving.
Everything about Jake was just... sped up. He learned faster, grew faster, talked faster, walked faster—even shat faster. This little kid that I met in Mrs. Jensen's fourth grade class had had his second divorce and his first gray hair by the time I was a freshman in college (from what I heard, he doesn't have the greatest stamina in bed).
Jake was a swindler. I don't think he has ever flown without a ticket that cost him more than 20% the normal price. His mortgage was being paid off monthly by his grandmother, who could've sworn that her late husband had finished paying the damn thing off twenty years before. Jake sold drugs for six months, then sold his car and poured all of his cash into a single stock; it paid out. Big time. He bought a production company as a New Year's gift to himself two weeks later. Remember that stupid film about an Australian heist-gone-wrong that everyone was talking about nonstop five years ago? Yeah. Guess who raked in the box office earnings on that one.
In the span of a decade, Jake managed to graduate the fourth grade, become a multibillionaire, get elected president, make peace with Brazil, resign, and prevent the first homicide on Mars. He got 'em, tiger.
And I know we are here today to mourn his death—and celebrate his life, I know I know—but you wanna know what Jake would've wanted us to be doing right now? He'd tell us to jump down the flight of the stairs leading up to this church because it's more efficient to let gravity do all the work. Jake would want us to eat a pre-packed lunch in a cab heading to the casino, to throw it all on red at exactly 5:32 PM, 27 seconds. He'd want us to tip someone $100 to cash in the chips while he met with an investor upstairs that wanted to put a couple million into one of our many business ventures.
Jake didn't win the lottery... no, actually, he did. Twice. But what I'm trying to say is that Jake didn't lead such an incredibly impactful life because he was just so lucky all the time. I think he knew what he was doing the whole way through. Every step he took was calculated, every breath timed perfectly and every word practiced a thousand times in his head.
None of us will be Jake. He lived a life at a pace no one will ever be able to match. But he did just that—live a life. Just because he was able to amass a three-comma fortune and touch the lives of people all over the world, that doesn't mean we should be disappointed or regretful that we didn't or couldn't. Live your life and enjoy it. Think about your actions, and then do them. Don't second guess yourself.
Jump down those staircases. Wear those Velcro shoes. Buy a racecar bed that actually drives. It's what Jake would have wanted. And don't forget to look up and nod at Jake.
Cause Jake was the fastest there ever was.
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Best heist and bank robbery movies - YouTube

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